Timshel Jackson

It's hard not to develop an eye for the aesthetic for those born and raised on the Canadian West coast island of Gabriola.
Known for its laid-back lifestyle, natural beauty and artistic community, the, so called, "Island of the Arts" harboured mentors in a multitude of mediums for me growing up. While outdoors, an abundance of petroglyphs, a throwback from the original first nations islanders, are only made more beautiful by the long rainy season. Art is everywhere.

The name Timshel, roughly translated, means "choice". A legacy bestowed which has made me acutely aware of the huge responsibilities that life's choices hold. For me, they have to be broken down into components to be processed. Taken in frame by frame.
I believe that life is a series of choices. Not only about our actions, but also where we focus our attention. Kinetic intention, is perhaps one way of describing the action of photography. The result is a medium for sharing perceptions.

Perception is everything. It is the vantage point that you choose to view fireworks display. It is the difference between good and evil. The hero or the terrorist. It is love. It is hate. It is regret and it is learning from our mistakes.

The purpose I have for creating this site is to share some of my perceptions. Experiences which range from whitewater rafting to music video stills and the gentle macro. My hope is that you will enjoy viewing the images composed from my life experiences as much as I enjoyed participating in the making of them.

Timshel Jackson

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